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Improve The World

Visit the Improve The World project pageGot an idea that could make the world better? Wouldn't it be cool if there were people out there who might take your idea and improve their community?

Introducing Improve The World! Our Improve The World project pages have all the details to help you learn how to share your innovative way to make things better with us and others. Your ideas can make a difference, and there are people ready to put the great ideas you share in motion.


English Language Project

View the English Language ProjectWe have over 600 short videos designed to help those learning English, organized into sets that you might be able to use right away in order to learn or teach about a particular topic - job terms, days of the week, names for tools, those kinds of things. This could be a nice resource to push learning something new or to augment something you are already doing! Take a look at our EL Project page for the full collection.

And you can help us grow this collection of videos, either by making videos of your own to add to our library or by a financial donation to help our video-creation efforts. If you have ideas for sets of videos, or even just a video or two, reach out and let's talk about it! We're always happy to connect with others who are interested in the kinds of things we do.


Our monthly newsletter tells about new videos on the site, highlights contests we run, provides stuff to inspire, and includes a mountain of other freebies - every month! Sign up today for both the goodies shared and the associated good karma. If you're interested and want to know more, take a look through the Newsletter Archive to get a sense of what you might be missing.

If you enjoyed and/or are curious about the webinars we ran during the past several months, you can still view those! Our webinars pages have all the videos and information you might need. As you look ahead and make plans, perhaps a glace backward will give you some additional insight that will make your journey a bit smoother.