Projects: Webinars

What kinds of fascinating and memorable learning projects can you do when in-person learning shifts to online? You'll discover possibilities for career exploration and service activities below, and if you have an idea you want to see developed with others, let us know via the Next Vista Contact page.


Service via Video '20

In this webinar, Rushton shows how to make simple videos using the free tool Adobe Spark. Targeted to student service projects or those in service clubs, the focus is helping people think about the power of video for creating stories others will want to watch and share. Click below for the recording, or here for the slides, and here for the links mentioned in the program.

Careers in Video '20

Those interested in having students do a video project to explore cool careers, we hope you'll try Careers in Video '20! The half-hour recording about this project is below, and feel free to check out the slides, or try the links we shared during the presentation.