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This outline of someone's head is filled with cogs and gears like those in a watch
Mindful Minute
A screen of blue fading to purple shows the phrase
How to Refocus on a Zoom Call: Fight Zoom Fatigue
A woman with glasses talks to you
4 Ways To Make Friends With Social Distancing
Fingers are properly placed in the holes of a green bowling ball
How To Bowl A Strike With Two Hands
A spoon digs into a half-eaten chocolate cake with colorful frosting dotted across it
How To Eat An Entire Cake By Yourself
A person ties on some protection before putting on a hockey jersey
How To Get Dressed For Hockey
A hand points to the spot on the underside of a black surfboard where fins would be placed
How To Install Surfboard Fins
A person crouches, holding a ping pong ball in one hand and a racket in the other, ready to make a serve
How To Play Ping Pong
A close up of a snowboard binding, a metal disc with various possible screw and turn adjustments
How To Put Bindings On Your Snowboard
Angles drawn on the screen show how a certain throw of a ball will bounce
How To Spikeball: The Cut Serve
A student builds a barricade to prevent someone from entering a classroom
Lock Down
At the top of a ramp, a foot rests at the top of a skateboard with nothing underneath it
How To Drop In On A Half Pipe
Two girls talk on a track about how to use time more wisely
Balance Your Time
Someone runs down a basketball court with a ball ready to make a shot
How To Do A Layup
Lasagne is in a glass baking dish on top of an oven
How To Make Lasagna
Finished orange jelly sits on a plate
How To Make Jelly
A person is in the middle of a push-up
How To Do A Push-Up
A quarter of a cheesecake sits on a plate with a spoon next to it
How To Make A Cheesecake
Marshmallows in heart and star shapes on a plate
How To Make A Giant Marshmallow
A man dribbles a basketball around a tight corner
How to Make a Jelly Layup
A boy sits on the ground with his laptop and talks about what causes him stress
Positivity and Stress
A student stands near lockers, worried
How to Stop Your Stress
Strawberries and melted chocolate in an ice tray
Three Quick Snacks
Hands reach down to grab shoelaces
Two Methods for Tying Your Shoes
A man flies up to dunk a basketball through a hoop
How to Dunk a Basketball
A group gathers around several cups of popcorn, some with masks covering their mouths and noses
Never Sneeze Into the Popcorn
How To Shoot A Slapshot
How To Shoot A Slapshot
Learn the correct way to do three-step layup .
The Correct Way to Do a Three-Step Layup
Learn how to spin a basketball on your finger.
How to Spin a Basketball on Your Finger
Learn how to dribble.
How to Dribble
Learn about being healthy while eating dumplings.
Being Healthy While Eating Dumplings
Learn how to drive a golf ball like a pro.
How to Drive Like a Pro (Golf)
Learn how to putt.
How to Putt
Learn how to regrip a tennis racket.
How to Regrip a Tennis Racquet
Learn how to play spikeball.
How to Play Spikeball
Learn how to make a high protein smoothie.
How to Make a High Protein Smoothie
Learn about moderation and eating healthy.
Moderation and Eating Heathly
Learn how to shoot a right-handed layup.
How to Shoot a Right-Handed Layup
Learn about various basketball shots.
Various Basketball Shots
Learn how to do a front flip on a trampoline.
How to Do a Front Flip on a Trampoline
Learn some tips for playing soccer.
Some Tips for Playing Soccer
Learn how to improve your free throws.
Improve Your Shot
Learn how to relieve stress.
Relieving Stress
Learn to kick a soccer goal.
How to Kick a Soccer Goal
Learn to make a strawberry smoothie.
Strawberry Smoothie
Learn about healthy popsicles.
Healthy Popsicles
Learn about healthy meals.
A Healthy Meal
Learn about misconceptions about coffee.
Misconceptions about Coffee
Learn about coffee, caffeine, and stature.
Coffee, Caffeine, and Stature
Learn how to shoot a blind man's drag in wrestling.
How to Shoot a Blind Man’s Drag (Wrestling)
Learn how to catch a football.
How to Catch a Football
Learn about playing volleyball well, unlike how the zombies play.
Volleyball: The Zombie Way vs the Right Way
Learn how to do the butterfly stroke.
How to Do the Butterfly Stroke
Learn how to hit a golf ball.
How to Hit a Golf Ball
Learn how to throw a spiral.
How to Throw a Spiral
Learn about protecting from sneeze germs.
The Great Sneeze
Learn about using a pogo stick.
How to Pogo
Learn about using a harness safely when belaying.
Harness for Belaying Safety
Learn tips for staying healthy.
Three Tips to Keep Your Body and Car in Good Condition
Learn about the relationship between wellbeing and sustainability.
Wellbeing Impacting Sustainability
Learn about kendama.
How to Play Kendama
Learn how we lose and can rebuild a healthy self-image.
Beauty and a Healthy Self-Image
Learn about shooting free throws.
How to Shoot a Free Throw
Get some thoughts on making 3-point shots.
Thoughts on the 3-Point Shot
Learn how to brush your teeth.
The Teeth Fairy: How to Brush Your Teeth
Learn the proper way to do a windmill pitch in softball.
Windmill Pitch for Softball
Learn about How to Do a Chaine Turn.
How to Do a Chaine Turn
Learn about Silent Safety (Beware of Strangers).
Silent Safety (Beware of Strangers)
Learn about Field Hockey The Basics.
Field Hockey: The Basics
Learn about How to Make a Quiff.
How to Make a Quiff
Learn about Crosswalk.
Learn about Being a Vegitarian at School.
Being a Vegetarian at School
Learn about How to Do an Ariel.
How to Do an Ariel
Learn about Learning How to Tackle in Rugby.
Learning How to Tackle in Rugby
Learn about Yoga Class.
Yoga Class
Learn how to do a backflip.
How to Do a Backflip
Learn about Dynamic Stretching.
Dynamic Stretching
Learn about Fitnessgram Tips.
Fitnessgram Tips
Learn about Trampolining.
Learn about How to Do a Right-Handed Lay-Up.
How to Do a Right-Handed Lay-Up
Learn about How to Cross the Street.
How to Cross the Street
Learn about How to Make a Freethrow in Cargo Shorts.
How to Make a Freethrow in Cargo Shorts
Learn about How to Kick a Soccer Ball.
How to Kick a Soccer Ball
Learn about Welcome to the Jungle: Hiking, Camping, and Surviving.
Welcome to the Jungle: Hiking, Camping, and Surviving
Learn about Survivorman Camping 101.
Survivorman Camping 101
Learn about PEMDAS.
Gymnastics Apparatuses
Learn about Gymnastics Basics.
Gymnastics Basics
Learn about Tips for Running a Relay.
Tips for Running a Relay
Learn about Handling Pressure on the Basketball Court.
Handling Pressure on the Basketball Court
Learn about Simple Skateboard Tricks.
Simple Skateboard Tricks
Learn about The Basics of Scuba.
The Basics of Scuba
Learn about Learning Gymnastics.
Learning Gymnastics
Learn how to surf.
How to Surf
Learn how to wash your own PE uniform.
Wash Your Own PE Uniform
Learn about line dancing.
Line Dancing
Learn how to do a front walkover.
How to Do a Front Walkover
Learn about American football's positions on offense.
American Football: Positions on Offense
Learn how to play soccer.
How to Play Soccer
See some of the events in the summer olympics.
Lego Summer Olympics in Stop Motion
Learn how to improve your stick skills for field hockey.
Improve Your Stick Skills for Field Hockey
Learn how to plank properly.
Plank Properly Run Strong
Learn how to trapeze.
How to Trapeze
Learn tips for football.
Football Tips
Learn basic basketball techniques.
Basic Basketball Techniques
Learn about bullying.
Don’t Bully
Learn how to throw a spiral football.
Football: How to Throw a Spiral
Learn how to do a handstand.
How to Do a Handstand
Learn an example of good manners.
Manners Matter
Learn how to hula hoop.
Hula Hoop Tricks
Learn how shoot a basketball.
Pointers on How to Shoot a Basketball
Learn how to wash your hands correctly.
How to Wash Your Hands Correctly
Learn about binge drinking.
Binge Drinking
Learn tips in playing basketball.
BEEF Up Your Game
Learn about how to stop bullying.
Don’t Bully
Learn about how to stop bullying.
Let’s Stop The Bullying
Learn about good sportsmanship.
Good Sportsmanship
Learn how to play soccer.
How to Play Soccer
Learn tips on how to shoot a basketball.
How to Shoot a Basketball (tips)
Learn how to ride a skateboard.
How to Ride a Skateboard
Learn how to throw a football.
How to Throw a Football
Learn why music is healthy.
Healthy Music
Learn what makes a champion.
What Makes a Champion
Learn how to stop bullying.
How to Stop a Bully
Learn a lesson in standing up to bullies.
A Lesson in Bullying
Learn about fire safety.
Fire Safety
Learn about scale on maps.
How to Set a Volleyball
Learn about allergies.
Learn how to shoot a basketball.
How to Shoot a Basketball
Learn how to do a double leg wrestling move.
How to Do a Double Leg Wrestling Move
Learn how to play soccer.
How to Play Soccer
Learn about germs and washing your hands.
Germs and Washing Your Hands
Learn the basic moves of volleyball.
Basic Moves in Volleyball
Learn five simple exercises to keep fit.
Five Ways to Exercise
Learn about the dangers of texting and driving.
Texting and Driving: Is It Really Worth It?
Learn how different foods affected these boys' race.
The Race: Apple vs. Snickers
Learn how to hula hoop.
How to Hula Hoop
Learn how to do a push-up.
How to Do a Push-Up
Learn about healthy foods.
Healthy Food
Learn how to combat bullying.
Learn more about protecting yourself when in the sun.
Sun Protection
Good foods and why to choose them.
Healthy Food Choices
Two students come face-to-face with their own exercise habits.
The Journey