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A home-made catapult using popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and a plastic spoon
How To Make A Catapult
Someone dangles an apple over a boy's head
Dark mittens covered in snow hold a snowball
How To Make The Perfect Snowball
Chalkboard drawing depicts a plant growing under the sun and is labeled with several key components of photosynthesis
Photosynthesis From Drawings
Hands pour a water bottle into a hanging plant
Plant Growth
As the sun beams down, a flower gives off oxygen
Photosynthesis From Stop Motion
An underwater shot shows rocks in a shallow river
The World Is Vastly Connected
A boy pushes a car
The Change in Momentum Equation
The mantle of the earth is beneath the crust
Layers of the Earth
New DNA strands forming
DNA Replication
Learn about paper planes.
Making and Understanding Paper Planes
Learn about balancing chemical equations.
Balancing Chemical Equations (2016)
Learn about the muscular system.
Muscular System (2016)
Learn about the skeletal system.
Skeletal System (2016)
Learn about the digestive system.
Digestive System (2016)
Learn about the circulatory system.
Circulatory System (2016)
Learn about the water cycle.
The Water Cycle (2016)
Learn about threats to biodiversity.
Threats to Biodiversity: HIPPO
Learn about the solar system from some kindergarten students.
Kindergarten Solar System
Learn about the respiratory system.
Respiratory System
Learn about Parti the particle and states of matter.
The Adventures of Parti The Particle
Learn about punnett squares.
Punnett Square Basics
Learn about color deficiency.
Color Deficiency
Learn about kinetic energy.
KineticKids (Types of Energy)
Learn about the sources of energy.
Sources of Energy
Learn how cola can be used for cleaning.
Cola Cleaner
Learn about composting and recycling.
Food Face Composters
Learn about the gas in a soda can as temperature changes.
Imploding Can Experiment
Learn one way to crush a soda can.
Soda Can Crush
Learn about combustion reactions.
Combustion Reaction
Learn about buoyancy.
Buoyancy Magic
Learn about the information in the squares in the periodic table.
Information on Elements in the Periodic Table
Learn about man-made objects and whether one can see them from the moon.
Man-Made Objects from the Moon
Learn what causes the seasons.
What Causes the Seasons?
Explore whether ghosts are real.
Are Ghosts Real?
Learn about volcano types and safety.
Volcano Types and Safety
Learn about the mechanics of volcanoes.
The Mechanics of Volcanoes
Learn about rift valleys.
Rift Valleys
Learn about ocean mountains.
Ocean Mountains
Learn about mid-ocean ridges.
Mid-Ocean Ridges
Learn about hot spots.
Hot Spots
Learn about rift valleys from the Geo Heroes.
Geo Heroes and Rift Valleys
Learn about the formation of hot spots.
Formation of Hot Spots
Learn about earthquakes and safe building features.
Earthquakes and Safe Building Features
Learn about earthquake types.
Earthquake Types
Learn about static electricity
Static Electricity
Learn about the water cycle with this song.
Water Cycle Song
Learn how to detect a hard-boiled egg.
Detecting the Hard-Boiled Egg
Learn about blood flow in the heart.
Blood Flow in the Heart
Learn about genes and their developmental effects.
Genes and Their Developmental Effects
Learn about catapults.
Learn about ionic and covalent bonds.
Ionic Bonds, Covalent Bonds, and Iced Tea
Learn about the world's population.
The World Population and How to Control It
Learn about why we should plant more trees.
Stop Chopping, Start Planting
Learn about food waste.
Food Waste
Learn about deforestation and how we can prevent it.
Deforestation and Ways to Prevent It
Learn about recycling trash.
Recycling Trash
Learn about the environmental effects of using plastic bags.
The Plastic Bag Challenge
Learn about solar energy.
Solar Energy
Learn about the life cycle of the bean.
The Bean Life Cycle
Learn about centripetal force.
Centripetal Force
Learn about the digestive system.
The Digestive System
Learn about animal adaptations.
Animal Adaptations
Learn about the law of reflection.
Law of Reflection
Learn about metamorphic rocks.
Rock Cycle Song (Starring Metamorphic Rock)
Learn about igneous rocks.
Rock Cycle Song (Starring Igneous Rock)
Learn about the cerebral lobes.
Cerebral Lobes
Learn about physics in ice skating.
How to Use Physics in Ice Skating
Learn about Grapefruit Lifecitrus: Sink or Float
Grapefruit Lifecitrus: Sink or Float?
Learn about The Breathing System.
The Breathing System
Learn about Changes of State.
Changes of State
Learn about Rock Cycle Song (Staring Sedimentary Rock).
Rock Cycle Song (Starring Sedimentary Rock)
Learn about PEMDAS.
Straw Bridge
Learn about Why Farmers Are Important.
Why Farmers Are Important
Learn about How to Make an Effective PSA.
How to Make an Effective PSA
Learn how to make a worm farm.
Dylan’s Worm Farm
Learn about The Dangers of Deforestation.
The Dangers of Deforestation
Learn about Animals Need Our Help.
Animals Need Our Help
Learn about Shark Finning
Shark Finning
Learn about Trees Are Important for the Planet.
Trees Are Important for the Planet
Learn about Protecting Forests.
Protecting Forests
Learn about Five Ways to Be Green.
Five Ways to Be Green
Learn the global citizenship rap.
Global Citizenship Rap
Learn about consumerism and the environment.
Consumerism and the Environment
Learn about threats to biodiversity.
Humans: A Major Threat to Biodiversity
Learn about Fish and Their Fins
Fish and Their Fins
Learn about Puget Sound Orcas.
Puget Sound Orcas
Learn about Cloud Formation.
Cloud Formation
Learn about Science Notebook
Setting Up Your Science Notebook
Learn about What is Matter?
What Is and Isn’t Matter
Learn about Adventures of Willow: Independent and Dependent Variables.
Adventures of Willow – Independent and Dependent Variables
Learn about biotic and abiotic factors of the environment.
Ecology – Biotic and Abiotic
Learn about mirrors and reflection.
Mirrors and Reflection
Learn one way to measure the earth's diameter.
Measuring the Earth’s Diameter
Learn about Pencil Trick.
Pencil Trick
Learn about basic trigonometry.
Physics 01: Basic Trigonometry
Get an introduction to vectors.
Physics 02: Introduction to Vectors
Learn about vector characteristics to components.
Physics 03: Vector Characteristics to Components
Learn about vector components to characteristics.
Physics 04: Vector Components to Characteristics
Learn about vector addition.
Physics 05: Vector Addition (part 1)
Learn about vector addition.
Physics 06: Vector Addition (part 2)
Learn about position in physics.
Physics 07: Position
Learn about distance vs. displacement.
Physics 08: Distance vs Displacement
Learn about speed vs. velocity.
Physics 09: Speed vs Velocity
Learn about average velocity.
Physics 10: Average Velocity
Learn about the pseudo-planet Pluto.
Pluto the Magic Planet
Learn how to grow a plant.
How to Grow a Plant
Learn how the water cycle works.
The Water Cycle (2)
Learn how evolution works.
Learn about Mars.
Mars: The Red Planet
Learn about x-linked disorders.
X-Linked Disorders
Learn about the lac operon.
Lac Operon (2)
Learn about the lac operon.
Lac Operon (1)
Learn about mitosis.
Mitosis (2)
Learn about DNA structure.
DNA Structure (2)
Learn about DNA structure.
DNA Structure (3)
Learn about macromolecules.
Learn about Mendelian Genetics Problems.
Mendelian Genetics Problems
Learn about planting a tree.
Planting a Tree
Learn about the immune system.
The Immune System
Learn about the Scientific Revolution.
The Scientific Revolution
Learn about the psychology of color.
Color Psychology
Learn about the Cell Cycle.
Cell Cycle
Learn about erosion and weathering in nature.
Erosion and Weathering
Learn about mitosis.
Mitosis in Stop Motion
Learn about enzymes.
Learn about the waxing and waning of the moon.
Waxing and Waning Moon
Learn how to determine density.
How to Determine Density
Learn how glowsticks work.
How Glowsticks Work
Learn about vertebrates.
Learn about a chemical reaction experiment using Mentos and soda.
Chemical Reactions Mentos and Soda
Learn how to remember the planets in order.
How to Remember the Planets in Order
Learn about plate tectonics.
Plate Tectonics
Learn about Yellowstone hot springs.
Yellowstone Hot Springs
Learn about the principal of diminishing marginal returns in economics.
Diminishing Marginal Returns
Learn about the states of matter.
What Is Matter?
Learn about the states of matter.
States of Matter
Learn about gravity.
Gravity in Halo Reach
Learn about Newton's First Law of Motion.
Demonstrations of Newton’s First Law of Motion
What happens with the milk?
Burning Balloons (Phenomena Science)
What happens with the milk?
Hairdryer Mayhem (Phenomena Science)
What happens with the milk?
Marvelous Milk (Phenomena Science)
Why does the penny disappear?
Precarious Penny (Phenomena Science)
Why does the balloon follow the can?
Super Soda (Phenomena Science)
Learn why we recycle.
Recycling – Why We Do This
Learn about habitats.
Learn about food scrapping.
Food Scrapping
Learn about otters and their role as a keystone species.
Keystone Species
Learn about recombinant DNA.
Recombinant DNA
Learn about your water footprint and how much water we actually use.
Water Use
Learn about the Nervous System.
The Nervous System
Learn about the rock cycle.
The Rock Cycle
Learn about our respiratory system.
Breathing: The Marvelous Murpho
Learn about glaciers and moraines.
Glaciers and Moraines
Learn how to dissect an eye.
Eye Dissection
Learn about atoms.
All about Atoms
Learn about weathering and erosion.
Weathering and Erosion
Learn how to make ice pops.
How to Make Ice Pops
Learn about cell division.
Cell Division
Learn a lesson in standing up to bullies.
How to Make Lava
Learn about combustion reactions.
Combustion Reaction
Learn about the planets in order from the sun.
The Planets in Order from the Sun
Learn how bacteria defends the body.
Bacteria Defending the Body
Learn about cells.
Cells Magnified
Learn how to power up electricity.
Powering Up Electricity
Learn a brief overview of interesting elements.
A Brief Overview of Several Interesting Elements
Learn about animal cells.
Animal Cells
Learn about lightning.
Learn about mitotic cell division.
Mitotic Cell Division
Learn about rainbows.
Learn about photosynthesis.
Learn about the Giant Impact Hypothesis.
The Giant Impact Hypothesis
Learn about fire.
What I Think Fire Is
Learn about speed.
What is Speed?
Learn about the moon.
The Moon
Learn about the Bohr model of the atom.
Bohr Model of the Atom
Learn about planets.
Learn About Planets
Learn about Pluto.
Learn about valence electrons and how ions form.
Valence Electrons and Forming Ions
Learn the difference between chemical and physical changes.
Chemical and Physical Changes
Learn about chemical bonding.
Chemical Bonding
Learn about the three states of matter.
The Three States of Matter
Learn about chemical reactions.
Chemistry Chemical Reactions
Learn about desert biomes.
Desert Biome Rap
Learn about terminal velocity through skydiving.
Terminal Velocity: the Physics of iFLY
Learn about longitude and latitude
Longitude and Latitude
Learn about reading a fault line.
Reading a Fault Line
Learn about balancing chemical equations.
Balancing Chemical Equations
Learn about the water cycle.
The Water Cycle
Learn about cohesion.
Learn about bees and pollination.
A Genuine Bee Movie
Learn about water in the air
Water Around Us: Water in the Air
Learn about how tsunamis are formed.
Learn about plate techtonics.
Plate Tectonics
Learn about the angular velocity vector right hand rule.
Angular Velocity Vectors Right Hand Rule
Learn about the Dopper Effect.
The Doppler Effect
Learn the scientific method.
How a Tsunami Forms
What is a Rube Goldberg.
What Is a Rube Goldberg
Learn the scientific method.
The Scientific Method
Learn how we hear sound.
How We Hear Sound
Learn about the Newtons three laws of motion
Newton’s Laws of Motion
Learn about music's true form.
Music’s True Form
Learn about the Newtons three laws of motion
Newton’s Three Laws of Motion
Learn how to identify birds
Identifying Birds
Learn how electricity works.
How Electricity Works
Learn the Metric System.
The Metric System
Learn about the structure of DNA.
DNA Structure
Learn about reflection, refraction, and heat.
Reflection, Refraction, and Heat
Learn about the types of salmon.
Salmon Types
Learn about Isaac Newton's first law of motion.
Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion
Learn about figuring the rate or work.
Rate of Work
Learn about the atomic model
The Atomic Model
Learn about binoculars.
Learn how to make lip gloss.
How to Make Lip Gloss
Learn about the id, the ego, and the superego.
Id Ego Superego
Learn about the colors of the rainbow.
Learn about energy conservation.
Energy Conservation
Learn about neuron functions
Neuron Functions
Learn about the water cycle.
Water Cycle
Learn about the rock cycle.
Rock Cycle
Learn more about the life cycle of a butterfly.
Life Cycle of a Butterfly
Learn more about the scientific properties of waves.
More Wave Properties
Learn about the scientific properties of waves.
Wave Properties
Learn about the Hawaiian Crow through this video.
Panda – An Endangered Species
Learn about the grizzly bear through this video.
Grizzly – An Endangered Species
Learn about the Hawaiian Crow through this video.
‘Alala – An Endangered Species
Two kinds of roots - do you know the difference?
Taproots and Fibrous Roots
Homing Pigeons
Homing Pigeons
Stoichiometry explained through s'mores
Reading the periodic table has never been easier
Understanding The Periodic Table
Review a variety of organic structures
Identifying Organic Compounds
How rainbows work
Stop-motion animation describing the ways continental drift work
Continental Drift
Find out how sound waves travel through two different gases: helium and sulphur hexafluoride
Helium And Sulphur Hexafluoride
The science of infrared light
Infrared Light
Effects of Flooding
Flooding in Canutillo
Kinetic and potential energy explained
Baby Energy
Rebecca Jensen helps define voltage
Electrical Circuits: Voltage
Rebecca Jensen helps define current
Electrical Circuits: Current
Narquiz Cervantes shows how Newton's Law applies to daily life
Newton’s First Law and Eggs
Narquiz Cervantes demonstrates Newton's First Law
Newton’s First Law of Motion