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Conditionals In Programming
The right side of the screen shows how several lines of code can work together
Functions In Programming
A red arrow points to a
Google Classroom: Finding Missing Assignments
Finding an image of a Kyoto temple by searching through Creative Commons images
The CC Search Page: A Basic Introduction
A screengrab of options for how to share a file on Apple devices
How to Use Airdrop
A girl puts a video camera in just the right spot
The Filmmaking Process
The process for turning a single image into a moving GIF
Animated GIF
Looking into who the author of an article is provides ways to see if the information is credible
Reliable Sources for Research
Digital Citizenship: Thinking About Etiquette
Digital Citizenship: Thinking About Etiquette
Video Editing
Video Editing
Learn how to make a video using the iOS iMovie app.
How to Make a Video Using the iOS iMovie App
Learn the steps for making a video.
Steps for Making a Video
Learn how to start editing a video using iMovie.
How to Start Editing a Video Using iMovie
Learn about spam with email.
Spam: Don’t Do It!
Learn about evolution of computing.
Cyber Evolution
Learn how to make an intro for a YouTube video with Blender.
Make an Intro for a YouTube Video with Blender
Learn how to use control-alt-delete to log in to Windows.
Control-Alt-Delete to Log In to Windows
Learn about using white balance in Adobe's Lightroom.
White Balance in Adobe Lightroom
Learn why it may be a bad idea to use a cell phone at a gas station.
Phones, Fire, and Gas Stations
Learn about various social apps.
How Social Apps Affect Us
Learn how to make a video.
How to Make a Video in Ten Easy Steps
Learn how to convert decimal to binary.
Learn what computer science is.
An Introduction to Computer Science
Learn how to make a sock puppet video on an iPad.
Make a Sock Puppet Video
Learn how to play world of tanks.
How to Play World of Tanks
Learn how to make a stop-motion video.
Making a Stop-Motion Video
Learn about using a GoPro camera.
Kick Starting Your GoPro Experience Out of the Box
Learn how to program a robot using LEGO Mindstorms NXT.
How to Program a Robot Using Lego Mindstorms NXT
Learn how to edit a photo in the aviary app.
How to Edit a Photo in the Aviary App
Learn about creating a semester grade calculator with a spreadsheet.
Creating a Semester Grade Calculator with a Spreadsheet
Learn about using an iPad.
How to Use an iPad Properly
Learn about doing stop motion with slides.
Galaga – Stop Motion with PowerPoint Slides
Learn about the power of music in video.
Don’t Forget the Music
Learn how to avoid being manipulated by unreliable data.
Avoid Media Manipulation – Reliable Research
Learn about proper storage of microphone cords.
Proper Mic Cord Storage
Learn about the Snap programming system.
The Basics of Snap!
Learn about editing a video in Premiere Pro.
Everything I Can Explain about Premiere Pro in 90 Seconds
Learn how to treat an iPad.
How to Treat Your iPad
Learn one way to make a QR code.
One Way to Make a QR Code
Learn about Online Safety.
Online Safety
Learn about Be the Internet Pros.
Be the Internet Pros
Learn about Why Participate in Robotics.
Why Participate in Robotics
Learn about How to Build a Simple Lego Vehicle.
How to Build a Simple Lego Vehicle
Learn about How to Make a Video.
How to Make a Video
Learn about creating simple cinemagraphs.
How to Make a Kind of Cinemagraph
Learn how to make a brush bot.
How to Make a Brush Bot
Learn about What is Dropbox?.
What is Dropbox?
Learn about Finding a File in Windows XP
Finding a File in Windows XP
Learn about Port Forwarding.
Port Forwarding
Learn about Removing the Green Screen from an Image in Photoshop.
Removing the Green Screen from an Image in Photoshop
Learn about Roblox.
What Is Roblox?
Learn about How to Create or Login to a Minecraft Account.
How to Create or Login to a Minecraft Account
Learn about How to Install iTunes.
How to Install iTunes
Learn about How to Remove Backgrounds Using Photoshop.
How to Remove Backgrounds Using Photoshop
Learn about Audioboo.
Musical Tutorial: Audioboo
Learn about how students use the internet.
The Internet Was Created for Good
Learn about the game Minecraft.
Minecraft Guide Song
Learn about green screen special effects in iMovie.
Green Screen Special Effects in iMovie
Learn how to do a vanishing effect in iMovie.
iMovie Vanishing Effect
Learn about defragmenting a hard drive on Windows 7.
Defragmenting a Hard Drive On Windows 7
Learn how to use an iTunes card.
iTunes Gift Card
Learn three uses for a projector in a classroom.
One Projector – Three Uses
Learn video composition tips.
Video Composition Tips
Learn how to create a silhouette using Picasa Creative Kit.
Silhouettes in Creative Kit
Learn how to embed something onto a webpage.
Embedding Tutorial
Learn how to make an avatar.
How to Make an Avatar
Learn how to edit photos in iPhoto.
How to Edit Photos in iPhoto
Learn how to animate walking in Flash.
How to Animate Walking in Flash
Learn how to make a Google SketchUp house.
SketchUp House
Learn how not to forget passwords.
How to Not Forget Passwords
Learn how to do a screen recording on a Mac.
Screen Recording on a Mac
Learn about video credibility.
Video Credibility
Learn how to salvage a scratched video game disk.
How to Salvage a Scratched Video Game Disk
Learn how to touch type.
Touch Typing
Learn how to make an animation.
How to Make An Animation
Learn how to make a movie not an animation.
How to Make a Movie Not an Animation
Learn how to make a lego robotics car.
An Introduction to Making a Lego Robotics Car
Learn how to make a simple Google SketchUp house.
Build a Simple SketchUp House
Learn about scale on maps.
Tips for Internet Safety
Learn how to make a powerful password.
Powerful Passwords
Remind yourself of copyright notations in your work.
Row Your Site
Learn how to make cool videos.
How to Make Cool Videos
Learn about television cameras.
This is a Camera
See an example of simple animation.
The Scrambler: An Animation Example
Learn how to use simple features in Picnik.
How to Use Picnik
Learn how to walk with a laptop.
How to Walk with a Laptop
Learn how to care for your laptop.
Care and Feeding of Laptops
Learn about internet safety issues.
Internet Safety
Learn how to make teeth white using Photoshop Elements.
Whitening Teeth with Photoshop Elements
Learn how to find the file size in Windows.
Finding the Size of a File in Windows
Learn how to connect to the internet wirelessly.
Connecting to the Internet Wirelessly
Learn about computer storage capacity.
Computer Storage Capacity
Learn how to program in HTML.
How to Be Bold with HTML
Learn camera angles
Camera Angles: The Case of the Missing Highlighter
Learn how to play a virtual instrument
How to Play a Virtual Instrument
Learn how to use Fotoflexer to place yourself in an image or scene.
Fotoflexer for Placing Yourself in an Image
Learn about making your own web site.
How to Make Your Very Own Website
Learn how to start a project in Garage Band.
Garage Band Demo
Learn how to start a project in Comic Life.
Comic Life Demo
Learn about the audio editing program Audacity.
1 Introduction to Audacity
Learn about preferences in Audacity.
2 Preferences in Audacity
Learn about recording tools in Audacity.
3 Recording Tools in Audacity
Learn about the save, export, and delete tools in Audacity.
4 Save, Export, and Delete in Audacity
Learn about importing music into Audacity.
5 Importing Music in Audacity
Learn about editing voice in Audacity.
6 Editing Voice in Audacity
Learn about editing music in Audacity.
7 Editing Music in Audacity
Learn about exporting to MP3 in Audacity.
8 Exporting to MP3 Format in Audacity
Learn about noise removal in Audacity.
9 Noise Removal in Audacity
Learn about recording one's voice in Audacity.
Audacity Example Record Voice
Learn about noise removal in Audacity.
Audacity Example Remove Noise
Learn about importing and fading in in Audacity.
Audacity Example Import Fade In
Learn about copy and paste, and fading out in Audacity.
Audacity Example Copy/Paste Fade Out
Learn how to avoid being gross when recording your voice.
Podcast Recording Tips
Students introduce the city and cultures of Lagos
Four-Point Lighting