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Learn how students at this school make a difference through art
Heart Houses
A logo shows several hands joining together surrounded by the phrase
Freestore Foodbank
Two young students work together to pin a poster to the wall
Helping Each Other

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A black and white dog with a red bandana looks up
Humane Society Of Charlotte
Two people assist in walking a horse that a child is sitting on
Shining Hope Farms 2021
Chocolate chip cookies are stacked, waiting to be put into a container
Cookies for Tanzania
Shelves are lined with donated canned food
CHS LIA Food Drive
A young man speeds past someone in a wheelchair, ready to play a game of basketball
Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets
A young woman sits on a horse while another woman leads the horse forward
Shining Hope Farms Therapeutic Riding Program
A man points at both an emergency defibrillator and his Operation Sweet Tooth sweatshirt
Operation Sweet Tooth
A man stands near a body of water with a smile on his face
Charlotte Surfriders
A woman sits in a chair with an excited and interested look on her face
Ada Jenkins (2019)
A hand hovers above a keyboard, playing a song
The Importance of Elective Classes
A teacher stands in front of a group of students in a classroom
Teachers’ Lives
A proud campus safety officer smiles as she talks about her job
School Campus Safety Officers
A volunteer sits with students doing work at a table
City Year Volunteers
People in Charlotte, North Carolina, help refugees
Charlotte Refugee Support Services
Rick talks about the power of Hinds' Feet Farm.
Hinds’ Feet Farm
Among many other services provided, some kids are lucky enough to get tutoring through Caterpillar Ministries.
Caterpillar Ministries
Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary
Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary
Nosara Animal Care
Nosara Animal Care
Costas Verdes
Costas Verdes
South Florida Museum
South Florida Museum
Make a Wish Foundation (Sarasota)
Make a Wish Foundation (Sarasota)
Animal Rescue Coalition
Animal Rescue Coalition
All Faiths Food Bank
All Faiths Food Bank
Sarasota Boys and Girls Club
Sarasota Boys and Girls Club
A sign shows the outline of paper cutouts of people holding hands with the red heart of the person in the middle showing
Lake Norman Health Clinic
A closet organizer displays clothes of several different colors, folded or neatly hanging
Lydia’s Loft
A boy with a helmet on rides a horse while several walk nearby to support
Shining Hope Farms
A woman sitting at a desk talks to the camera
Kamloops Brain Injury Association
A telescope points out a window
Kamloops Hospice
A woman wearing orange walks between some bookcases, talking to the camera
Kamloops Salvation Army
A wood carving shows 2 people, one short and one tall
Kamloops YMCA Women’s Shelter
A woman with glasses sits, holding a white rabbit
SPCA Story
A young boy and a young girl sit side by side, smiling
Make a Wish
A close up shows the face of a tiger
Anna the Tiger (Exotic Feline Rescue Center)
A close-up shot of the Loaves and Fishes business sign
Loaves and Fishes – Serving Those in Need
A sheriff sits next to a child while they both work at a table
Sheriff’s Activity League
A tan building with the title San Carlos Elms is seen through some trees
San Carlos Elms 2016
A close up shot shows a tan dog staring directly into the camera
Peninsula Humane Society
Wall art shows a brown bear in an outdoor scene painted on a cinder block wall
Beautiful Day
A man stands behind a podium with his arms folded as others seated at a table look toward him
Rotary Club of Lake Norman-Huntersville
Banners of colorfully painted cubist faces hang in front of a brick wall
Ada Jenkins Center
Two women work in a kitchen, holding a tray and folding a bag
Angels & Sparrows
A logo shows red and black curved lines intersect to form a plus sign
Davidson Lifeline
Two males in white polo shirts stand next to each other near the field in a baseball stadium
Turn 2 For Youth
A sign with a drawn image of a dog reads Dog Adoption
Cornelius Animal Shelter
Learn about Mobile Loaves & Fishes
Mobile Loaves & Fishes
A bus advertisement shows the logo and name of the Silverado care center
Silverado Memory Care
A cat sits inside of a pet pen
Thundering Paws
A young child sits on the ground with hooded pajamas, reading a book
Pajama and Book Drive
A man in marine dress blues smiles
Harker Veterans Project
A woman in a purple shirt with hands folded talks to the camera
Vulcan Food Bank
A woman works some children through a dance
Rainbow Literacy
A small grey kitten curls up on a desk calendar
Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue Foundation
Several cupcakes are decorated to look like cat faces
Cupcakes For Kitties
A young girl smiles as she points at a book
Tri-County Literacy Program
A grey cat playing with string rests on a pet mat
Lincoln County Animal Shelter
A sign attached to a tree welcomes visitors to a community forest
How to Help at KELT
Someone holds a yellow cloth banner with letters forming the words Casa de Paz sewn in
EmpEGs Support Casa de Paz
A brown and black dog stares off camera, panting its tongue
Palo Alto Humane Society 2015
A store-front window displays a quotation about the future
Institute for the Future
A small green and larger pale fish underwater
FMSA (Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association)
Wicker baskets of fruits and vegetables sit on a table
CALL Primrose 2015
A small wire-haired pup is lead by a leash
ASPCA of Burlingame
Several smiling teenagers gather together
Kelly Shea Gallo Foundation
An African-American man stands behind a podium holding a microphone, speaking while pointing his hand
Junior State of America
A pantry of food shows shelves full of canned food
St Francis Center 2015
Several small children gather around a member of the police bike team
San Mateo PAL
A woman sits behind a table, with hands unfolded, looking like she's explaining something
Project READ of Redwood City
Several people gather around tables in a school gym, ready to help
Generation Alive
Learn how Special Olympics of BC makes a difference in its community
Special Olympics of BC
A young child sits at a table playing with Play-Doh
The Chris Rose Therapy Centre for Autism
A white and brown cat, resting its face on the ground, stares at the camera
A black and white image shows a close up of two people holding hands
Kamloops Hospice Lights Up Our Community
A short-haired dog stares at the camera, its tongue out
Kamloops and District Humane Society
A black and white image shows a man asleep on a mattress, shirt open
Out of the Cold Homeless Shelter
A woman sits behind a table, hands moving as if she's explaining something
Our Interview with Big Brothers and Big Sisters
An exterior shot of the food bank shows a light colored building with bright red awnings
Kamloops Food Bank
A woman and a young child smile at the camera
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kamloops
A sign above a donation box thanks people for their contributions
The Salvation Army Family Stores
A person puts whipped cream on top of something in a styrofoam cup
Troubled Teens and the Yippie Yogurt Foundation
A young girl smiles while wearing a red
The Salvation Army Kroc Center
A young boy in a yellow shirt holds a spoon up to his mouth
Mission Solano
A dog stands on its hind legs to put its front paws on a fence
Abandoned Dogs
Learn about medical care challenges in Africa
African Medical Care
Two men smile while wearing food preparation clothing and standing in a commercial kitchen
St. Vincent de Paul Village San Diego
A woman moves a table with a food bank truck parked behind her
Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano Counties
A blonde woman sits at a table smiling while signing some papers
Mom’s Meals
A close image shows the head of a brown and white guinea pig
San Diego Humane Society
A close up shows several blue MDA bracelets against a Christmas-decorated background
Muscular Dystrophy Association
A man looks through some papers while on a phone at a desk
Shelter Network
Wicker baskets hold fruits and vegetables
CALL Primrose
A statue of a missionary holding a dove
St. Francis Center of Redwood City
A white puppy stares at the camera
Palo Alto Humane Society
A finger pets under the chin of a cat in a pet carrier
Volunteering at the SPCA
The arched exterior of the 2-story building is shown through some purple flowers
Atria at Daly City
A close up of a sign shows the Red Cross logo
Red Cross Volunteer Interview
A woman sitting in front of several shelves full of books looks off to the side
San Carlos Elms
Learn how volunteers at this organization make a difference in the community
B.O.K. Ranch
A young person kicks soccer balls to warm up during practice
VIP Soccer
A map of North America with a red dot to show the location of Redwood City, California
Volunteering at Boys and Girls Club
A close up shot of someone making a sandwich
Volunteering at St. Vincent De Paul
A bearded man pushes a wheel chair while running
Foster City Little League Challengers Division
Get On The Bus Logo with words positioned to look like they are coming through the windshield of a bus
Get on the Bus
A shopping cart holds vegetables like celery and sweet potatoes
Project Open Hand
A man stares curiously at the camera, head cocked to the side
St. Francis Living Room
Learn about In Our Unity, a club that supports libraries in Mongolia
In Our Unity
Learn how students at this school make a difference through art
Heart Houses
A logo shows several hands joining together surrounded by the phrase
Freestore Foodbank
Two young students work together to pin a poster to the wall
Helping Each Other
Helping out in a senior center
Visiting the Atria Senior Living Center
Two students hold a hand-drawn sign promoting a turkey drive
St. Leo the Great School Turkey Drive
A white sign with a glowing yellow sunburst and red lettering advertises the name of the hospital
El Camino Hospital Auxiliary
A man coaches a young boy on a baseball field
You Are All Winners
Learn about Grace's story of a desire to help others
Carry Someone’s Problems
Learn about the 2010 Floods in Pakistan
Floods in Pakistan
Learn how this young woman takes care of animals and helps children at the same time
Therapeutic Riding Volunteer
A young boy stares at a colorfully wrapped package
Project Amigo Volunteer
A young person stands with arms outstretched
Hope In Aceh
One musician found out what it would mean to give a family a water buffalo
Four Generations – Part 2
One musician found out what it would mean to give a family a water buffalo
Four Generations – Part 1
Two people walk across a field of grass
Eliminating Poverty
Two college students make their own way to New Orleans in order to help with the cleanup
This is for Me (New Orleans)