Rules Checklist: Creative Fire 2017 Video Contest

Did you:

  • keep to the time limit for the video (with no more than an additional 60 seconds for credits)?
  • verify that there were no factual or conceptual errors?
  • use any images, songs, or sound effects you found online, and if so, are they from the sites specified in the rules?
  • add credits at the end, even if the video is only footage you took?
  • get release forms signed for anyone identifiable in the video and file them where you can get them easily if needed?
  • name the file according to the rules?
  • fill out the online entry form?
  • do all of this by the deadline (11:59p on Friday, January 19, 2018)?

This form is for your planning only - you do not need to send this to

Good luck!