Made in the Cloud 2011 Video Contest

Creative Insights Time!

Made in the Cloud Contest - Make a video with online toolsWant to win fabulous prizes? Want to show what's possible with cutting-edge video editing tools? Want to help young people around the world gain new insights to what they learn in school? Want to help with the very honorable effort to end ignorance, one video at a time?

Enter the Made in the Cloud Video Contest! We want to see what you can do to help others learn something through a short video made using online tools. You've got until mid-August, when an audience at the 21st Century Learning Symposium conference in Port Huron, Michigan, will choose a winner.

How does it work? Put a little creativity into a video teaching any concept one might encounter in elementary, middle, or high school, and keep it to 90 seconds or less. It can be about covalent bonds, adding fractions, haiku poetry, the Magna Carta, the difference between por and para in Spanish, or anything else for which you have a clever insight. Read the full rules, but if you want some hints on how to improve your chances, click on the last word in this paragraph that's a link.

What does "Made in the Cloud" mean? There are a variety of online tools that one can use to edit digital media. For this contest, you may use any online tool which allows you to create or enhance a video. In the entry form, you will be asked to describe how you used online tools for your video. We will use some of the responses in future blog posts and other media to help show how these tools can be valuable for teaching and learning.

While Next Vista contests are focused on students, we are including for the first time with this contest a strand for teachers. Videos submitted by teachers will be judged separately from those submitted by students, and there will be finalists and a winner for each strand.


Each video and the appropriate student entry forms must be submitted by 11:59p on Sunday, August 14, 2011. There is a small bonus in scoring for those videos submitted by 11:59p on Sunday, July 31, 2011.

Sample Videos

This contest is similar to the recent Next Vista for Learning-NETA Nebraska 90 Video contest, so you might gain some inspiration by watching videos that were finalists for that contest.

The Prizes

JVC cameraCertificates! iTunes cards! There may be more - keep an eye on this page for other possibilities.

The Encouragement

Get creative, craft your video carefully, and submit it - hopefully you'll not only help others learn something, but win a prize, too!

The ownership of any video submitted to is retained by the student who submits it. This person gives Next Vista for Learning, Free Technology for Teachers, and St. Clair County RESA the right to post the video and use it to promote the efforts of the organization. If one who creates and/or submits a video to wishes the video to be removed from the library, he or she should write Next Vista for Learning and explicitly ask that specific videos he or she has submitted be removed. Any request will be honored within four weeks.