Scoring Guidelines: Creative Storm 2018 Video Contest

Clarity in Explanation (18 pts)

Does the video easily and clearly help one understand the topic? As you might guess, your score will suffer if it isn't clear what the concept is.

Creativity (18 pts)

Did you find a novel way to use digital video to help explain the concept? Remember that one can be very creative without effectively conveying the ideas, which would result in a lower overall score.

Technical Aspects (10 pts)

The focus here is on meeting basic concerns (appropriate lighting, spoken audio that can be easily understood, balanced volume, etc.). While exceptionally well-produced videos do have some advantage, the key issues are the clarity and creativity of your piece.

Titles and Citations (4 pts)

Does the video include the use of titles and citations properly and clearly? Note that if it is unclear that something has been cited (music that isn't explained in the credits, for example), the video will not make it to the finalist round.

Bonus (2 pts)

Any video that meets the rules and is submitted by 11:59p on Friday, November 16, 2018, will get an extra 2 points added to its score.