Did Google Point The Way?

Thanks for clicking to learn more about Next Vista for Learning. As a thank you for visiting, download a free-resources file. Our site is an ever-expanding library of short, educational videos made by and for learners everywhere, divided into three collections:

Light Bulbs

Find help with all sorts of subjects, including a section with videos exploring a variety of career options.

Oceanographic Scientist

A day in the life working with oceanology

Global Views

Learn about another part of the world through the eyes of people who live and work there.

La Serena – The City of the Bell Towers

Learn about the beautiful city of La Serena, Chile

Seeing Service

Watch people who are trying to improve the lives of others, as well as find out about the joy and meaning they find in service.

Eliminating Poverty

An agricultural school in Paraguay pulls its students from poverty.

Featured Video

Learn about drawing portraits

Title: How to Draw Portraits

Collection: Light Bulbs

Subject Area: Visual Arts

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