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Math at the Pharmacy
NASA Engineer
Tupperware Executive Director
Microcurrent Specialist
Journeyman Glazier
Exhibit Experience Design Engineer
Cisco Technical Sales
Children’s Librarian
House Principal
Newark Optometrist
Careers in Art
Children’s Reference Librarian
Networking Company Customer Solutions Architect
Marketing iPhone Apps
Organic Farmer
Fire Fighter
PC Technician
Photographer (3)
Supply Chain Manager
Software Engineer
Networking Company Senior Director
Medical Company Systems Administrator
Integrated Circuit Designer
Youth Services Program Manager
Woodworking Designer
School Program Representative
President Technology Startup
President Healing Arts Institute
CEO Manufacturing Company
Photographer (2)
Manufacturing Company Chairman
Healing Arts Institute Director
Fashion Stylist
Engineering Manager
Construction Project Administrator
Construction Project Accountant
Company Receptionist
Video Editor (Spanish)
TV Station Manager (Spanish)
Real Estate Agent (Spanish)
Magazine Editor (Spanish)
Sushi Restaurant Owner
Senior Pastor
Public Safety Officer
Library Technology Teacher
Labor and Delivery Nurse
Hotel Food Services
Fraternity and Sorority Coordinator
Firefighter in Milpitas
Department Store Manager
Customer Service Employee
Construction Project Manager
Certified Public Accountant
Career Center Advisor
California State Assemblyman
Account Manager
Youth Pastor
Public Relations Administrator
Police Inspector General
Police Department Technical Communications Specialist
Migrant Education Liaison
Lending Officer
Accounting Technician
School District Director of Technology
Field Engineer
Compliance Engineer
Client Manager
Campus Technology Coordinator
Campus Site Technician
Micro-Hydroelectric Engineer
Grounds Maintenance
Hearing Aid Fitter Dispenser
Hair Stylist (2)
Floats Manager
Electrical Lineman
Disc Jockey
Costume Designer
Collagen Chemist
Circuit Board Sales Manager
Aerospace Design Engineer
Truck Loader
Real Estate Agent
Network Administrator
Stage Electrician
Marine Biologist
Corporate Event Planner
Gaming Coordinator for Mobile Devices
Interior Designer
Auto Service And Parts Director
ROV Pilot
DSL Technician
Pipe Trades Training Director
Intel Performance Engineer
Hair Stylist
Boat Repair
Scuba Instructor
Pool Designer
Pump Station Maintenance
Hotel Sales Manager
Graphic Design Instructor
Global Depot Materials Manager
EMT Paramedic
Gourmet Butcher
Oceanographic Scientist

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