Hey You! Project

Hey You! ProjectGood advice may be hard to find. It may be all around, but difficult to hear given its delivery or one's ability to listen.

Next Vista for Learning's Hey You! project is designed to gather short videos with advice and stories that may be helpful to teens. Our goal is not to end up with perfectly produced videos, but rather pieces of any quality that center on easily shared, compelling stories and ideas.

The frame for these videos is a simple one. Each person we record is asked three questions:

  • Why do you do what you do? (1 minute or shorter)
  • What advice would you give your 16-year-old self? (1 minute or shorter)
  • What story can you share that describes something important to you? (2 minutes or shorter)

You are welcome to try this project by contacting people who would be willing to be recorded answering one or more of the questions above.

To submit videos to add to the project, send us (videos@nextvista.org) a link to a video we can watch online (a viewable file in Google Drive, an unlisted video you have on YouTube, etc.). In the subject line of the email, please put "Hey You! submission." You retain rights to and ownership of any video submitted, and should you ever contact us to remove a video we post, we will do so within two weeks of receiving the request.

If you have questions about contributing to or using the videos in this project, please contact us.

Videos in the Project

These videos are listed in order of most recently posted.

Support This Project

We welcome your support of this effort to help English language learners around the world, either by taking part in building the library as described above, or through a financial donation via our PayPal account, below.

Comments or Questions

It is our hope that the video sets in this collection will be helpful to many people in many different settings. We welcome feedback and ideas, so if you have any thoughts to share with us, please submit them via our contact form.

Thank you for your interest in Next Vista and this project!