The Contest: Service via Video Project

While these videos will be valuable for helping young people share ways to help others, there is also something in it for you: the fame and glory that comes from your video being chosen as a finalist in our contest!


Videos entered into the contest are judged on the following:

Story (30 points): Is it easy to follow the story? Is it compelling for the viewer?

Technical Creativity (15 points): Is the video edited in such a way to enhance the story? Are lighting and audio balanced and appropriate? Are there needed credits? Note that videos which don't follow our rules on sources and citations can't be considered for the contest.

How to Help (5 points): Is there info that enables the viewer to help the highlighted nonprofit or service effort? Could the video help a viewer make something similar happen in his or her own community?


Each video and the entry form must be submitted by 11:59p U.S. Pacific time on Tuesday, November 23, 2021. When filling out the entry form, you will assure us that all needed release forms have been filled out and that you have given them to your teacher/advisor.


All finalists will receive certificates, and their videos will be presented to members and select guests of the Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley, who will review and vote upon the winners.

When submitting a video, applicants are asked to identify a service project or charity that is the focus of the video. Appropriate charities featured in videos selected as finalists will earn a $200 donation in the name of the students who made the video.

Appropriate charities are IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofits which advance peace, improve health, alleviate poverty, support education, help communities recovering from disasters, or prevent cruelty to children and animals. Next Vista for Learning will make final decisions regarding whether a given charity is eligible for a donation.

Finally, Next Vista will award a $50 gift card for, iTunes, or Starbucks to makers of the winning video. If there is more than one student on the team for the winning video, they are welcome to split the use of the single gift card however they wish.