Submitting a Video: Service via Video Project

To enter the contest, make sure you have carefully read the rules, filled out the entry form, and then submitted the video following the instructions below:

Each video and the entry form must be submitted by 11:59p U.S. Pacific time on Tuesday, November 23, 2021.

We use YouTube for video submissions in order to facilitate feedback and formatting. Here's the process:

  1. Upload your video to any YouTube account. While or after doing so, choose the "unlisted" privacy option.
  2. Send the link to the resulting YouTube page to You might try opening the link in another browser just to make sure what you expect to show up indeed does. Additionally, please put the name of the video in the subject line of that email, as doing so will help us do a better job of tracking your entry.
  3. Wait for word from us that we've reviewed the video. Typically, we identify ways that you can strengthen it, or perhaps changes that need to be made so that the video follows the rules and can be considered. We want your video to be as strong as it can be!

If YouTube is not an option for you, please write us at with suggestions for how you would like to share it, or with questions if you aren't sure.

We are unable to check every entry for rule violations ahead of the deadline, but will provide feedback as we are able. Follow the rules carefully. If you have questions, send them to

All videos created as part of this project which meet quality standards for will be highlighted in the Next Vista for Learning online library, and the winners will be promoted in our monthly international newsletter. If you have questions, write the project coordinator at

The Fine Print

The ownership of any video submitted to is retained by those who submit it. This person/these people give Next Vista for Learning, the Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley, and Rotary International the right to post the video and use it to promote the efforts of the organization, including on the Next Vista channel on YouTube. If one who creates and/or submits a video to wishes the video to be removed from the library, he or she should write Next Vista for Learning ( and explicitly ask that specific videos he or she has submitted be removed. Any request will be honored within four weeks.