Next Vista for Learning needs your help! There are many ways you can support our cause – ranging from simply saying good things about us all the way to making a donation of dollars or videos! Additionally, there are a few projects that might interest you, too, with more on the way in the coming months.


Create service videos for the Service via Video projectTrying to find something for a restless kiddo to do? How about making a video that tells the story of how someone helps others? Our Service via Video project is in full swing, and we welcome the participation of anyone looking to do some service hours or simply tell an inspiring story.

How You Can Help

Tell Others

Letting friends know about our work, especially through social networks, is especially helpful to our efforts. Tell educators and homeschool organizers about our contests and projects, and let them know that we can help with advice on tech needs and learning activities.


Next Vista for Learning is an unusual nonprofit, in that through our training and speaking projects we are able to earn enough to meet our expenses with our current projects. Consequently, 100% of all donations (tax-deductible, these are) go to projects and prizes for students and teachers. However, in order to maintain our public charity status, it is important that we continue to attract donations, even in small amounts, and we appreciate anything you can give.

Scaling Up

It is our hope that in the coming year we can begin doing large-scale digital media training sessions to help teachers bring these powerful learning activities to their students and schools. If you or your company can help sponsor these efforts, please let us know.


We are working to build our Seeing Service and Global Views collections, and so if you can connect us with interesting nonprofits and educators around the world, please consider doing an email introduction using Rushton’s address:

Submit a Video!

We’re always looking for creative pieces to inspire students. Head over to the videos page for details on how you can enter something to our library.