Fire Followers

Fire Followers
prompts by David Coleman of California State Parks

Hello, students! On this page you’ll find five videos about how trees and plants respond after a wildfire.

Your job is to take the information in one of them and come up with a video that you think would be interesting to others your age. You might use narrated art, or a screencast with slides, or footage of you and classmates performing the message in some way. It’s up to you!

Work with your teacher to decide which one(s) you will do. The best videos could be seen by tens of thousands of people around and beyond California – we hope you’ll make something amazing!

Keep the project files, and be prepared for feedback on how to improve the videos. We want to help your videos be as strong as they can be. Once finished, check with your teacher on how to submit them as part of the Next Vista Wildfire project.

Fire Followers: Wildfire and Nutrients (1st of 5)

Fire Followers: Wildfire, Canopy, and Sunlight (2nd of 5)

Fire Followers: Wildfire and Competition for Space (3rd of 5)

Fire Followers: Wildfire and Redwood Branches and Bark (4th of 5)

Fire Followers: Wildfire and Releasing Seeds (5th of 5)

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